Travel Tips: Get Your Beauty TSA Approved!

It’s news to no one that the holiday season is hella stressful. Don’t get me wrong– there is boundless fun to be had. I’m stacking party invites to the ceiling and I can hardly think of a better time of year to scoop up free fizzy drinks, tiny food and chortle merrily whilst wearing casual sequins and antlers.

But the constant partying and gift buying and endless loops of the same ten songs can get you down after awhile. But nothing, and I mean nothing, gets people down more than holiday travel. It can seem as if the whole world is going exactly where you are at exactly that same moment. Long lines at the airport and the stop-and-frisk tactics of the TSA have you irritated before you even get inside the dry, recycled air palace that is an airplane. Dehydrated and puffy, you stumble off of the plane, greet your relatives and immediately seek to wrap your taste buds in the creamy comfort of a spiked eggnog. Shoot. You deserve it, girl!

But what if there’s a better way? Master Beauty YouTuber Michelle Phan is a world traveler and fortunately for us, is not about that dry skin life. Michelle made one of her phan-tastic (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!) videos detailing her long haul beauty and skin health regimen. And then it hit me– I had all of the answers right at my fingertips! I needed beauty that was TSA approved. That’s when the BeautiControl TSA Skin Survival Kit was born.

The TSA Survival Kit contains essential products to help you keep yourself as fresh as a daisy no matter how long of a flight. The kit includes Skinlogics™ Lip Balm, Platinum Regeneration™ Rejuvenating Eye Treatment, Nutri-Rich Oil, and my favorite, BC Spa Manicure Extreme Repair Hand Therapy.

Michelle's Travel Tips- Beauty That's TSA Approved

Nutri-RichSkinlogics Lip BalmEye Treatment

Extreme Repair Hand Therapy

Use Nutri-Rich Oil in your hair and pat it gently onto your face and smooth through your hair.

Moisture barrier= check!

Apply Rejuvenating Eye Treatment patches. These tighten the skin and help to retain moisture in the sensitive eye area. Make sure to bring two packs– prep yourself for roundtrip travel! Gentleman, please don’t be scared to do this, too. If eye patches are good enough for Diddy (remember this?), then they’re good enough for you!

Smear on some of that Lip Balm. Don’t be stringy, you know how much cracked lips hurt.

Don’t forget about your hands– seal them with Extreme Repair Hand Therapy.

There you go! Now you have a plan– your beauty, TSA Approved! I can’t guarantee you’ll have a turbulence free flight but I can promise you’ll look good when you get there.


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