Who’s That Girl?

I’m Kerri Estella and I’m beyond proud to present The Right Style. Thanks for stopping by– please, sit down and stay awhile!

I’m a Richmond, Virginia almost-native, I moved down south when I was just a little Kerri, all the way down from Brooklyn, New York. You know the saying, “You can take the girl out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of the girl”? Well, it’s true. I plan on putting a little New York back in sooner or later, if ya know what I mean!



beauticontrolI’m a consultant with BeautiControl– a company that really empowers women to be their best selves by giving them access to amazing skin care and career growth oppurtunities. (Do you want in?!) Through my work with BeautiControl, I have become a makeup artist, working with awesome photographers and models all throughout the city. But honestly, what I love most is connecting with women I meet everyday and helping them discover their own unique beauty. We’re all awesome, ladies– you’ve just got to let yourself SHINE!

When I’m not working on TRS, I am writing, taking photos, watching every television show in the known universe, and eating all of the food. If you want to keep up with me all over the web, Selfies and Snark is the home of my alter-ego.


I love hearing from you, friends. Holla at me…I’d love to chat!