TRS Pick: GlamST, launching now!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent stupid amounts of time scanning celebrity photos and pinning them to your Pinterest board. These posts all serve as little virtual Post-Its reminding me to “try this look.” I can even get a little old school sometimes, spreading my magazines and makeup around me like a little girl playing dress-up. I swatch and apply so many lipsticks that sometimes I feel like I’m running the risk of rubbing my lips right off of my face.

The new app, GlamST, available now on iOS, let’s you virtually try on the face you crave and I’ll admit, does a pretty darn good job. You take a selfie (make sure you got that good light, girl!), line up the various face-mapping points (you have a “teeth or no teeth” option!) and voila– you’re in business. You have the option to try out different looks, like “Glamorous” and “Hipster” –I was wearing Hipster makeup before it was cool, BTW– and of course, you can try out that celeb look that you love.

After Queen Latifah-ing myself, I clicked on the lipstick/compact icon and saw that the GlamST app offers you all of the tools to recreate the look IRL at three DIFFERENT price points! Honestly, the only thing better would be having your own skin care and image consultant! 😉

Download my TRS Pick, GlamST, from the App Store and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @glamstapp.


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