How Fear of Success Almost Stopped Me Cold

My business, The Right Style, is where I store my confidence. Let’s get real honest here: I became a skin care and image consultant because my mother was. She is an Executive Director with Beauticontrol, and she gave me the “gift” of my own business for my 18th birthday. Frankly, it was a gift I didn’t want.


I saw her business and her success and KNEW that I could never do that. So, for years, I ignored it. I use the products and have pretty great skin as a result, but when people asked me the inevitable question, “What do you use?” I would tell them Beauticontrol and REFER THEM TO MY MOTHER.

I was sabotaging my chances to consider even being a success because I crossed the possibility off the list.  I was terrified that if I actually opened my mouth and told people what I did they would throw eggs at me and push me off a street corner. I was living in a state of constant fear of success.

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Travel Tips: Get Your Beauty TSA Approved!

It’s news to no one that the holiday season is hella stressful. Don’t get me wrong– there is boundless fun to be had. I’m stacking party invites to the ceiling and I can hardly think of a better time of year to scoop up free fizzy drinks, tiny food and chortle merrily whilst wearing casual sequins and antlers.

But the constant partying and gift buying and endless loops of the same ten songs can get you down after awhile. But nothing, and I mean nothing, gets people down more than holiday travel. It can seem as if the whole world is going exactly where you are at exactly that same moment. Long lines at the airport and the stop-and-frisk tactics of the TSA have you irritated before you even get inside the dry, recycled air palace that is an airplane. Dehydrated and puffy, you stumble off of the plane, greet your relatives and immediately seek to wrap your taste buds in the creamy comfort of a spiked eggnog. Shoot. You deserve it, girl!

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20 Work Outfits for Any Situation- The Cut

Living in the world of trying to maintain a work/life balance, it is easy to view the work bit as an obligation– a necessary evil there to finance the “life” part of your life. But think about it– most of us live a huge chunk of our lives at work and interact with people who are able to easily influence the direction of our lives, so why not put a little extra thought into how we dress from 9-5?

I love how the article highlights two different types of working girls (I can say that, right?): the lady who works in the conservative office and the gal who has more creative days. I, fortunately, am on the creative side of things in a business casual workplace, but that didn’t diminish my appreciation of the more corporate wardrobe. Click through the slideshow and see the mix of high-end and low pieces paired with situations that match just about anything you could be going through. They built a real woman’s wardrobe, repeating pieces throughout the editorial. I’m so inspired— maybe it’s time to hit the shops…

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(hat tip to The Cut.)

The Right Style is Your Style

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Via Rebecca Minkoff .