As a small business owner, there are some resources that help you take your biz from #basic to #baller. I’ve compiled some of my favorite and most used online resources—most of these I use personally on a regular basis but others have found themselves on this list via my smart and profitable blogging business friends. 

I do get a small commission from some of these links, so I appreciate your support. So I can support you. And we can support these companies. Who support us. :: Cue The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” here. ::

Build A Beautiful Website

Dreamhost: I have been hosting my websites with Dreamhost for years and have found their hosting services to be so reliable that I have hardly ever had to use their great customer service. They have a WordPress “1-Click Install”, but their DreamPress hosting features specialized hosting for the needs of the growing WordPress user base. Use my discount code TRSDreamhost for free domain registration and 20% off of two years of hosting!

Bluehost: Bluehost is one of the most popular and widely used web hosting options and for good reason, setting up your WordPress site is simple and reliable. You can install WordPress with one click and be up and running with a new website in no time flat.

ThemeForest: Now that you’re all set up with a website, you need a perfect theme to show to the world. ThemeForest has a wide selection of WordPress themes that will be able to accommodate any look or business personality.

PopupAlly: Popup Ally is a beautiful and customizable popup solution that gets your readers to convert into subscribers. The best part about it is that it is completely non-intrusive…none of that frantically clicking “Close” so that you can read the article you came for, the popup defaults to “Exit intent” so you catch them as they’re about to leave.

Design For All

Canva: Don’t have Photoshop? No problem! Canva is the online tool that can help anyone– and yes, I mean YOU– churn out great and beautiful designs. And now that they’ve introduced Canva For Work? Game. Changed.

Creative MarketCreative Market is perhaps one of the greatest creative marketplaces of all time. Shopping for a WordPress theme? They got it. Need a new font? Done. Want to display your product in a fly new mockup? Sign me up. It never truly feels like you’re in business until you have some brand-new, sparkling business cards and it turns out that Moo makes some of the best cards in the business. Get your MOO Business Cards – 50 unique, customized Business Cards, each one with a different design. – 50 unique, customized Business Cards, each one with a different design, or try your hand with MOO Postcards.

Business Builders

LinkedIn Learning: Hands down, Lynda is one of the most comprehensive and detail-oriented online learning resources on the virtual block. If you’re thinking of going back to school to learn a digital skill, check Lynda first.

Fizzle: Fizzle is more than just a business course, it’s a community– and a rapidly growing community at that! I discovered the guys of Fizzle through their amazing podcast, The Fizzle Show, and figured if they were giving all of that away for free, it would be a safe bet to sign up for whatever else they’re offering. It’s $35.00 a month worth investing in your business.

Work Wherever

Podio: Podio is one of the most robust and customizable project management tools I have ever touched. If you need clear organization and designated workspaces and the ability to embed forms and bring people into your workspace and customize fields….oh, I get excited just thinking about it. Podio is my go-to virtual office.

GoToMeeting: When you need to hang out with your whole crew, GoToMeeting is a standard-bearer for good reason. If you need to have the whole squad on the web, this is your tool.

Square: If you have a mobile business, you need to take mobile payments. Square is the quickest and a most pocket-friendly way to accept credit cards on the go. If you already have a Square reader, grab the new one– you’ll be able to accept chip-enabled cards, too!