TRS Pick: MarieTV

I have been totally MIA lately. I’m sorry! I haven’t taken the time to sit in front of my computer and write and share with you and yell at you about my opinions. (I kid! I try not to yell.) My computer life is definitely still popping (are you following me on Twitter? Instagram? You should be!) but in a totally different way. I’m in business building mode and I have found one of my new business best friends and my TRS Pick: Marie Forleo.

The secret to finding your passion is to bring it to everything you do. Marie Forleo

Marie says this about herself:

I often say if Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Oprah and Jay-Z had a love child, it would be me. That’s because I’m part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger.

Though Tony Robbins is NOT my jam, I am a huge fan of Virgin, Lady O, and Beyoncé’s husband. (I am the child of a Robbins-enthusiast, and his voice gives me flashbacks to hours of audiobooks and being admonished to “release the giant within”. I was 8, Kyle. Let me live.) But Marie calling herself the love child of these three seems so very right on. She has the vision and humor and sense of purpose that I admire, and I have gotten so much from just hearing OTHER PEOPLE talk about her. I got into Marie a little over a month ago, just as she was ramping up the enrollment process to her famous B-School.

Haven’t heard of B-School? What? WHAT?! What exactly are you doing with yourself?! Please read up here. I’ll wait. :: Cue “Jeopardy” music:: B-School is an eight-week online video-based training program for entrepreneurs who are motivated to take their business to the holy grail of levels– the next one. I got wind of the B-School buzz through my favorite bloggers network, Bloggers Like Me. When I say the ladies were going wild, I mean it. Those who had previously attended were urging the rest of us to scrape together our pennies and get on the bus. Those of us who hadn’t attended before worked themselves up into a lather, trying to scheme our way into Marie’s world.

B-School wasn’t feasible for me this year, but Marie’s weekly web series, Marie TV is my jam. She speaks from her heart and in this latest episode speaks to how a leader can speak to their team’s hearts, as well.

Take the 5 Love Languages quiz and figure out how you can integrate them into your life. I value “Quality Time” and “Words of Affirmation” which might very well be why this post is so damn long. Marie Forleo and her webseries, MarieTV is my TRS Pick of the week.




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