The BEST Way to Save Your Summer Skin


Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!

So, summer’s here. I got a real good taste of it this past weekend. I took my little family of three to Busch Gardens for the day and sweated my booty off. I realized instantly that I FORGOT my SunLogics Refreshing Towelettes and regretted all other decisions I had made that morning, because somehow one of them distracted me enough to make me forget my precious wipes. They were my lifeline last year. And last year, I was still living in hot, sweaty Florida where a good parking spot doesn’t have to do with how close you are to your destination…its all about the shade, baby.

After we got home from our smoldering afternoon of adventure, all I wanted was a shower. Bath for the baby, and when he was done, it was time for this momma to wash the summer stench away. I realized when prepping for my shower that the most amazing thing I could do for my skin was to scrub off the sunscreen, foundation, and left over salt from my dried up sweat.


My skin has always felt and looked a thousand times better after using the Microderm Appeal and Professional Skin Care Tool. But yesterday? Using the product after a day out in the sun? IT WAS MAGNIFICENT.

The Microderm Appeal for Face is normally $62. The tool? $25. Both are totally worth it and last a long time. Want a better deal? The products in the Regeneration Smooth Starter Kit (only $60) total a retail value of $192, plus the BeautiBook and the pretty champagne bag to put it all in. AND after you attend the BeautiYou educational class, you get the Microderm Appeal and Professional Skin Care Tool for FREE!!!

So, for the price of the Appeal product alone, you can get it PLUS:
Professional Skin Care Tool
Regeneration Smooth Products:
Cleansing Lotion
Refining Toner
Wrinkle Control Day Crème SPF 15
Line Minimizing Eye Crème
Line Minimizing Night Crème
Champagne Bag
$5 donation to the W.H.O. Foundation in your name

This deal lasts until June 30th! Let me know if it strikes your fancy. Oh, and grab a pack of those Towelettes. If you’re like me, then you know that the boob sweat struggle is real. That packet of wipes is your best defense. You’ll thank me later. #SaveYourSummerSkin



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