Need to Put Your Best Face Forward? Meet your Future Face First.

My phone rang. I was being invited to an important, potentially life changing meeting. I tried to hide the shock induced stammer in my voice and, of course, said “I’ll be there.”

I hung up the phone, holding it a little too loosely between my fingers. My mouth was left so wide open, I am still shocked it didn’t develop a rug burn. Then, I felt the side of my lip slowly curl into the biggest “I’m so proud of myself! I can’t believe this is happening!” smile and let out a squeal reminiscent of my 13-year-old self at a Backstreet Boys concert. (Funny how our goals and priorities shift as we age, isn’t it?)

Then, it started to sink in. The meeting was tomorrow. As in less than 24 hours away tomorrow. I needed to be prepared. But for what? I was under qualified on paper and was only picked because…well, let’s just say I know a guy. My heart started to race with excitement and, to be honest, fear. I needed to make an impression. I needed to show them that I was meant to be there. I needed to make this count.

I immediately turned back time and spiraled into a panic induced college student with a paper due tomorrow. I was a hamster on a wheel who couldn’t stop working. My sweaty palms googled everything I could think of to prepare myself and reached out to former coworkers for advice.

11:30 am came. I needed to leave by 12:15 to be there the “on time” kind of early. I prepped and primped myself. I needed to look eager, but not too eager. I needed to look nice, professional, clean….but not too clean. The animal industry isn’t easy. You need to look like you know what being around animals involves…”scooping” and cleaning, and getting overall dirty without looking like a scrub.

Nicole with pets

Is this what you mean when you say “puppy love”?

BAM! After treating myself to a BC make over (including the use of my magic Microderm Apeel AND Regeneration Tight, Firm, Fill), I had the confidence I needed to walk in, (rug burn free) chin high, and own it. Seriously. The mini facial gave me some time to calm down. Applying my eyeliner and mascara gave me something to focus on other than my nerves. And when it was done, I looked awesome. Even if I got lost in the meeting, I could smile pretty and still feel like I belonged. Which, btw, I rocked it. Had good answers, asked relevant questions…and, being a “Nervous Nelly” (let’s just re-name that term- “Nervous Nicole”) my whole life, I am attributing the majority of my success to my BC make over. My confidence kept me stammer free!

Nicole selfie

But first, let me take a selfie!

It’s amazing what some quality self-maintenance time can do for your confidence. I even snapped a selfie.

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