How Fear of Success Almost Stopped Me Cold

My business, The Right Style, is where I store my confidence. Let’s get real honest here: I became a skin care and image consultant because my mother was. She is an Executive Director with Beauticontrol, and she gave me the “gift” of my own business for my 18th birthday. Frankly, it was a gift I didn’t want.


I saw her business and her success and KNEW that I could never do that. So, for years, I ignored it. I use the products and have pretty great skin as a result, but when people asked me the inevitable question, “What do you use?” I would tell them Beauticontrol and REFER THEM TO MY MOTHER.

I was sabotaging my chances to consider even being a success because I crossed the possibility off the list.  I was terrified that if I actually opened my mouth and told people what I did they would throw eggs at me and push me off a street corner. I was living in a state of constant fear of success.

Three years ago, almost exactly actually, I had a brainstorm. I have always loved to write but had only applied the skill to journalling or A+ papers. I would start a blog about my business!

When people asked me what I used on my face, I would say “Beauticontrol” and then send them to my blog and they’d be so inspired that lightning would strike and they would buy my stuff! I bought the domain, wrote some stuff and prepared for insta-magic.

Needless to say, that didn’t happen. I abandoned the blog for a while and slunk back into my old habits and updated my blog only when I sorta had something to say. But everything changed July of last year. I went to my first ever Beauticontrol national conference. Eleven years after I started my “business”, I found my spark. (Eleven. Over a decade. Oy.)

I went right back to The Right Style. I rebranded the business. I developed a mission statement. I actually TOLD people what I did. I started to write with confidence and use that design degree I spent so much money on.

The Right Style and Beauticontrol have helped me find my voice and helped me reconnect with old friends. I’ve helped women start their own businesses and coach a team of women who have become like a second family. I have monetized my blog and discovered amazing resources. (I’m talking about you, Regina.) And recently, because of this blog, I have gotten my very first job as a writer.

"Opportunities don't happen, you create them." Chris Grosser

My mom is still doing her business, is still beautiful, is an amazing leader and is still killing it on a regular. But I don’t compare myself, anymore. The Right Style helped to show me that there’s another pathway to success– and that’s all me.

What’s holding you back from your dreams? Do you have a fear of success too? What are you going to do to make a change?

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