February BeautiControl Product Haul!

Product Haul Beauticontrol

Man, oh man! Days like today remind me why I got into the beauty biz. It’s freezing out, the world has been drowned in snow and my poor defenseless skin needs some TLC. I took a bath and soaked in some of BeautiControl’s Detox Bath Soak and then after shoveling snow for LITERALLY two hours– seriously. TWO HOURS.– Mama needs a hand treatment. I love being a BeautiControl consultant and getting amazing products delivered to my door and at a discount. Having my favorite stuff on hand is of the utmost importance to me and that’s when I say, “Damn, I’m glad I’m in the beauty business!”

I got a particularly epic product haul this week. I’m talking I placed an order for a little over 150 dollars retail–8 products–and I got 7 products F.R.E.E. Yes, girl!

I got a "Haul" lotta love. Get it? Get it?!

I got a “Haul” lotta love. Get it? Get it?!

Oooooooh. Preeettttty.

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