Photograph Me

That New York Times article was right. Sometimes you really need more than a selfie.

Makeup artists and photographers have a natural alliance. So when Richmond, Virginia photographer, Sean DeWitt, told me that he had a model shoot, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to exercise my makeup artistry. Honestly, I never knew how many women did not feel confident doing their own makeup. My mother, Kyle (whom I’ve talked about before) is a makeup artist extraordinaire and being raised at her feet, I was¬†bound to pick up a few– quite a few– tricks.

I was unable to resist doing a little rebranding and a grabbing a photo before I was done with Sean…

Kerri, headshot

So– what do you think?

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There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You….

I have another blog. I know. I am an internet adulteress. My other blog, Kerriestella: Just So You Know, has been my main thing for a few years now and seems to get much more of my love as of late. I think its more free-form focus– music, politics, pop culture– lends itself to more posts because I don’t really have to think about it…it’s practically automatic. But I realize my automated tendencies have left this blog missing out on some awesome content.

Let’s do a little flashback, shall me?

It was the first hot day in May and I took my largely unwilling boyfriend, Yannick on a little photo expedition:

Yannick @Flood Wall

My favorite place in Richmond: The Flood Wall Murals

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