Cover Girl



Go to the mailbox one day. Discover your mother is America’s Next Top Model.

Find out more about BeautiControl’s May cover lady…


My mother, Kyle, is one of those moms other kids want. My entire childhood I always heard, “Your mom is soooo cooooooollll!” and as I got older, “Kerri, your mom is soooo hotttttt!” It took me many a year but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I was born to a pretty cool, pretty hot lady. But more importantly, pretty accomplished.


My effervescent mother was chosen to be on BeautiControl’s consultant magazine, Beauti Just For You, for her dedication to client service. She is the one, after all, who got me started in this business, just as she was the one who taught me to do a full makeover complete with color analysis (remember Color Me Beautiful?) by the time I was six. Kyle, or as I like to call her– Mommy, has been in the business of making people fly for over 20 years both as a consultant and as a corporate trainer for BeautiControl. As a small business owner for all of these years, she has really built up quite a following with scores of dedicated clients and prom makeover clients.


BeautiControl is an amazing business for recognizing women and encouraging them to make whatever they want to out of their business and their lives. The women on the cover issue are leaders within the company, including BeautiControl’s president, Daisy Chin-Lor. Women are at all levels within BeautiControl, many of them women who did or could not have a place of power in the typical corporate structure. The skin care and cosmetics industry is growing exponentially and I am excited to be a part of it. If you want to be part of that too, contact me. I’d love to hear from you!


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