That New York Times article was right. Sometimes you really need more than a selfie.

Makeup artists and photographers have a natural alliance. So when Richmond, Virginia photographer, Sean DeWitt, told me that he had a model shoot, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to exercise my makeup artistry. Honestly, I never knew how many women did not feel confident doing their own makeup. My mother, Kyle (whom I’ve talked about before) is a makeup artist extraordinaire and being raised at her feet, I was bound to pick up a few– quite a few– tricks.

I was unable to resist doing a little rebranding and a grabbing a photo before I was done with Sean…

Kerri, headshot

So– what do you think?

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The Fashion Weeks are behind us and we are officially calling it Spring!

While your teeth still may be chattering and if you’re in Virginia, like me, looking forward to impending snow related doom, the very notion of spring may be a comical one. But in fashion, as in life, we’ve got to think ahead. And honestly, with all of the unpredictability this past season, spring weather could be upon us in no time.

This video, featuring the one and only Gary Jones– the Vice President of Marketing and Research at BeautiControl, gives us a 10 minute “I spy” view of New York Fashion Week’s biggest make-up trends: Pink, Pops of Color, Dark Drama and Lots and lots of lashes!