Beyond the Everyday: Makeup in Film at Full Sail

I wear makeup nearly every day– I think of my face as a forgiving canvas and it’s hard for me to resist the urge to paint every day. Though I have been known to bring the drama, my general personal style features a more natural face look. Being a makeup artist is one of the ways that I really get to express my creativity– working with different faces to create a variety of looks is always exciting.

I graduated from Full Sail University in 2009 as a Digital Arts and Design major. We did it all– from web design to graphic design to videography. The school has always had a focus on creating artists who would be able to go forth and have knowledge of every aspect of their industry. But we never tackled anything like what is happening in the film program. This video covers the Film Makeup class and has me itching to go back to school.

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Photograph Me

That New York Times article was right. Sometimes you really need more than a selfie.

Makeup artists and photographers have a natural alliance. So when Richmond, Virginia photographer, Sean DeWitt, told me that he had a model shoot, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to exercise my makeup artistry. Honestly, I never knew how many women did not feel confident doing their own makeup. My mother, Kyle (whom I’ve talked about before) is a makeup artist extraordinaire and being raised at her feet, I was¬†bound to pick up a few– quite a few– tricks.

I was unable to resist doing a little rebranding and a grabbing a photo before I was done with Sean…

Kerri, headshot

So– what do you think?

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