That New New: Doing 2015 Differently

It would not be genuine of me to publish a “New Year, New You” post anytime remotely close to the new year. I prefer to be casually and fashionably late to the party, rolling in about a week late. 2014 was a building year for me, meaning that I am not stopping there….I’m doing 2015 differently.

I did a lot of work to build my beauti (will that ever get old?) business last year– my team grew and I met and worked with amazing women but overall, I left 2014 feeling extra “meh.”




But NOW! 2015! New! Shiny! Boom!

  • I’m searching for office space! My BeautiControl team is growing and growing and growing and we NEED SOME SPACE. The goal is to have a space where we can have meetings and do spas and makeovers and have some pretty solid parties. Because if my business means nothing else to me, it means fun.
  • This year, I’m destroying the walls of my comfort zone. I mean, I’m tearing stuff DOWN. Those who know me in real life are often surprised to hear me say this, but I am absolutely more introverted than extroverted. It takes a bit to get me warmed up to a “bunch of people” situation and my lack of comfort can sometimes read as “standoffish.” Sorry ’bout it. But I am working on it.
  • Focus on building that business! There are so many good resources out there for small business owners and I’m not keeping them to myself, I’m going to be sharing them with you!
  • 2015 is a team growing year! I have benefited from having this business and I’m trying to share this opportunity with as many women as I can. I made a bold, audacious goal for moving up in leadership this year…I’m not quite ready to reveal it yet but soon, my friends, very soon.

And because I’m not above a cliché, I’m dropping a little inspiration music for y’all….anyone ready for a little Katy Perry?!

I’m excited for 2015! What are your goals for this year?


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