#BEbeautiful: Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland American Ballet Theater
Under Armour has found a winner in Misty Copeland. The first Black soloist in American Ballet Theatre, she is one hundred percent the definition of beautiful for me. I grew up as a little black girl in a largely white ballet world, depending on my mother to interpret costume requirements of “light pink lipstick and peach blush” to colors that would look good on her little brown baby. (I will say nothing of the constant search for nude dance tights when your skin cannot be matched to “beige”.) I remember growing into a little brown woman and watching my body change into “wrong”. I stopped taking ballet and found my joy in more diverse forms of dance. I am no Misty Copeland– I didn’t have the heart. She heard the “no” and changed it into her “yes” and ultimately, her success.

I had never really thought of Under Armour as a brand that moved like this– this video has changed my mind. Watch it below:

Photo: Misty Copeland 2013 Calendar, Photographer: Gregg Delman