Embrace Self-Promotion: 6 Easy Steps to Getting Out There

I have made a groundbreaking discovery. Self-promotion is NOT a dirty word!

I have always wrestled with this. It’s not that I’m not aware of what I’m good at– I’m pretty self-reflective– it’s just that unless explicitly asked, I’m not going to tell you about it. This aversion to tooting my own horn has held me back throughout my life. Seriously, who’s going to tell you how amazing I am if I don’t? (I kid! A little.)

Though I am not trying to take myself to Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford levels (seriously, I can’t believe this is the last season of Parks and Recreation), I am taking the time to promote myself and my business and treat my doggone self to success!

Embrace self-promotion 6 Easy steps: Treat Yo Self

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Do the Damn Dream

It’s Saturday and it could be used as a day for pure maxing and relaxing. That’s what I usually do. Kerri is nothing if she is not relaxed. But today, I will work! Fortunately, I can do the kind of work that allows me to write and draw and be creative so it’s not SO much of a sacrifice. But seriously, I’ve got things to do and money to make and love to share and a dream to MAKE HAPPEN.

Don't you dare give up your dream.

Don’t you do it!

So take this graphic, post it on your bathroom mirror, put on your favorite face masque (Tierra Azul Thermal Fango, FTW), listen to your jammiest jams (or mine) and work on you!

What’s your dream? How are you going to put it in action today? Let me know in the comments!