Richmond Photographer Brings Men of the City Together for A Look at the “Classic Man”

Photographer Connie McGowan knows the power of having a strong network. After transitioning into creative and event photography full-time after years as a nurse, Connie knew that she needed a project that showcased her skills as a creative.

“Men are rarely photographed. They usually hate taking pictures and I wanted to change that. I wanted them to relax from their hard work as providers, showcase their personal style and have some fun!” McGowan says. Thus, the “Classic Men of Richmond” shoot was born.

McGowan put out the call for models via social media. “To identify the men, I posted a promo flier on Facebook in January and then again in June and July. I wanted men of different ages, races, backgrounds, career fields, etc.” She did her homework, researching her potential models and making sure that they fulfilled her vision of the quintessential ‘Classic Man’. McGowan says, “My definition of a classic man has nothing to do with clothes. It has to do with my top 7 non-negotiables: INTEGRITY, confidence, chivalry, humility, creativity, spontaneity and definitely a sense of humor. Without those attributes at the end of the day all you have are thread and useless fabrics.”

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Men’s Jewelry: A Growing Trend

Men's Jewelry

We all know that women’s fashions come and go with the seasons and honestly, men’s fashions do too. But with menswear, the changes are often more subtle. The cut of a lapel, the slimness of a pant leg, or length of a short are considered to be dramatic changes in their realm. The re-emergence of jewelry as a trend for men is one that personally gets me verrrry excited.

According to a recent feature in The New York Times, London jewelry designer Hannah Martin, men’s jewelry is on the rise, her business seeing significant growth in the category over the past 10 years. In that same article, Mr. Porter— the brother site to high-end online retailer and Kyle Grinnage favorite, Net-A-Porter— has expanded its offering in the men’s accessories department according to customer demand.

I have always loved a man who wears jewelry. And I’m not talking about the mere presence of a wedding ring. Jewelry has the power to make a statement and reveal the wearer’s attention to detail. The presence of a cross worn around the neck. Leather bands wrapped around the wrist. Gummy bracelets supporting an honored cause.

What is your favorite menswear trend this season?

There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You….

I have another blog. I know. I am an internet adulteress. My other blog, Kerriestella: Just So You Know, has been my main thing for a few years now and seems to get much more of my love as of late. I think its more free-form focus– music, politics, pop culture– lends itself to more posts because I don’t really have to think about it…it’s practically automatic. But I realize my automated tendencies have left this blog missing out on some awesome content.

Let’s do a little flashback, shall me?

It was the first hot day in May and I took my largely unwilling boyfriend, Yannick on a little photo expedition:

Yannick @Flood Wall

My favorite place in Richmond: The Flood Wall Murals

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