Spring is Here, and Spring Style has Sprung!

I don’t know how excited you are but I am so darn HAPPY that it is finally spring! I broke out my spring style favorites and had a ritualistic burning of all of my winter clothing because I was too filled with joy to think rationally.


I so rarely remember to take photos of my outfits, so I’m treating you a ‘lil bit, showing you what I look like without a sweater and a beanie.

Crop tops never went out of style for me; my stomach has been hanging out freely since 1985. I grabbed this one in two colors from H&M last summer. I paired the short shirt with a knit sweater vest (I’ve worn it death for years!) and one of my favorite pairs of jeans. The jeans are also an old school classic with an equally old school label. They’re FUBU. [insert laugh track here] They harken back to the days when most denim seemed to be not quite that and have more structure than most “true” denim. They are stretchy and have a perfect medium rise and I bought them two sizes too big and ended up with a perfectly hip slung, elegant, boyfriend jean. I bought them sometime in college, probably around 2004. I couldn’t find the jeans I wanted, so I made them. I spent most of this day sitting so I could finally find the justification to teeter around in these beautiful, blush suede pumps from Zara.

The outfit was really second fiddle to my other production that day…my return to YouTube! This first video is worth the watch:

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