Met Gala 2015: Skin is In?

On Monday, the fashion, music and Hollywood elite, got together and threw themselves a little party. The Met Gala, as this little soiree is known, is referred to as “The Oscars of Fashion” and is the annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. If you’ve ever wanted to get a teensy bit outrageous with your sartorial choices, damnit, this is the night to do it! And this year, three of today’s biggest celebs decided that they were going to basically wear the outfit they were born in– their birthday suit. Skin was ALL THE WAY in at the 2015 Met Gala.

On Mondays, we go naked. Met Gala: Skin is in?

Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé Knowles, and Kim Kardashian at the 2015 Met Gala.

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Let Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Up Your Day Job

Friday. I’m so restless. I want to be out in the wide world, frolicking and dancing, singing and twirling. But mama’s got bills to pay, so I’m at work. Fortunately, I’m a creative and blasting the jams is part of my PROCESS.  Producer Mark Ronson’s newest release, “Uptown Special” is near ready-made for getting the creative juices flowing. The first release from the album is “Uptown Funk” featuring my petite brown prince, Bruno Mars. The groove flowed all the way through me. All the way. Before long, I had the song on repeat and Bruno was practically my cube-mate. Since Bruno was bringing ALLA the funk to my day job, taking sartorial inspiration from the man was a natural next step.

Do that dance, boy!

Do that dance, boy!

The elements that made Bruno’s outfit retro and hilarious could easily be translated into a sophisticated but eclectic workday style.

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Michelle and Alicia: Sisters in SOTU Style

It was a shady, shady night folks! If you were watching President Barack Obama’s penultimate State of the Union speech, then you know just the moment I’m talking about.

Obama: “I have no more campaigns to run.”
Republicans: *applause*
All: *laughter*
Obama: “I know because I won both of them.”


Damn, Son!

But the real star of the night (for me, my mother and my sister, at least) was First Lady Michelle Obama’s fly suit. The grey, nubby suit was perfection on Mrs. Obama and seemed to be made to be worn by a powerful, self assured mother of two— gasp! I had seen that suit before! Michelle was channeling the other First Lady, Alicia Florrick.

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Movie Style: Selma

I am an ENTHUSIASTIC viewer of the Golden Globes. Every year, I take to the couch and limber up my fingers in preparation– this night is Twitter intensive. I have tons of opinions and dammit, I’m going to share them. This year, my dog in the movie race was the powerful and utterly moving, Selma. 

I had my reasons for going hard in the paint for Selma.

  1. Harpo Films. Oprah executive produces it? I’m there.
  2. Common. I’m afraid that if I have to explain this to you, than our relationship may be in trouble.
  3. Carmen Ejogo. I don’t have any explanation. I just kind of love her.
  4. David Oyelwolo. British accent. Beautiful man.
  5. Ava DuvernayRead this article, dare yourself not to cry and then you will have my explanation.
  6. An amazingly compelling and heart-wrenching true story.

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The Weekender

I am exhausted, guys. I woke up this morning at 6:30 as per usual, but I felt like perhaps I might be waking up for the last time. I had actually gone to bed the night before– I am notorious for falling asleep on the couch. Or on the living room floor. Whatever. Don’t judge me.– but I woke up feeling like I had slept on a hardwood floor, perhaps in a ball gown, definitely something with boning. What in the world was I so fricking tired for?! I drug myself out of bed, put on an extremely colorful winter ensemble and took my butt to work.

So, as I’m plugging away at my editing station, it hit me. I am the busiest that I have been in a very long time. It’s the end of the year so naturally, it’s award ceremony time. And with the award ceremonies come cocktail hours and hotel dinners. It’s also holiday time aka the most travelingest time of the year. I spent a weekend away once this season and am planning at least a couple more before the season is out. But I am woefully WOEFULLY unprepared. Unfortunately for me,  I realized this as I dragged my Kate Spade tote and schlumpy  duffle all through the New York subway system.

Dealing with my out of alignment back and probably dislocated rotator cuff got me to spring into immediate action. I call this shopping trip, Operation Jetset.

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