Big Changes

There have been an INSANE amount of changes in my life since I last posted! I have a new full-time gig, I had an incredible styling appointment with a dazzling client, the Scandal season finale slayed me and Instagram rolled out video!

Yes, Instagram video is one of the greatest thing that has happened to me and to fashion marketing in general. I know that I may be in the minority of people when I say this, but I LOVE advertising. A gripping or particularly creative advertising campaign has the power to shape the way that you think about a brand and oft times, as we have seen with the recent chatter over the interracial Cheerios family and the multi-lingual Coke ad, has the power to relect how we view our world and each other.

The 15 second videos are great ways to share moments and inside jokes but they’re also an awesome way to show off fashion. Since fashion is meant to be worn and style is how you take that fashion and make it work in the world, capturing that motion is a natural step.

Though the video is simple and self-shot, it generated a great response on the outfit across Instagram and Facebook. My reach is largely confined to my admittedly large personal circle so imagine what brands with international reach could do…

Opening Ceremony:

Danny Brown for Adidas

Solange Knowles for Puma

Tell me what you think: How could you use Instagram video to spread your style or brand message?