Meet the New TRS Contributor!


Meet Nicole!

Nicole is the newest edition to The Right Style team! Nicole and I have been friends since middle school and now she is one of the amazing members of my Beauticontrol team.

Nicole has had quite a journey and a lot of growth since she joined the team. She has a lot of great ideas and tips and will be sharing them all with you guys! Can I get a “what what”?!

Everybody say “Hi Nicole!”

TRS Pick: MarieTV

I have been totally MIA lately. I’m sorry! I haven’t taken the time to sit in front of my computer and write and share with you and yell at you about my opinions. (I kid! I try not to yell.) My computer life is definitely still popping (are you following me on Twitter? Instagram? You should be!) but in a totally different way. I’m in business building mode and I have found one of my new business best friends and my TRS Pick: Marie Forleo.

The secret to finding your passion is to bring it to everything you do. Marie Forleo

Marie says this about herself:

I often say if Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Oprah and Jay-Z had a love child, it would be me. That’s because I’m part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger.

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TRS Pick: GlamST, launching now!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent stupid amounts of time scanning celebrity photos and pinning them to your Pinterest board. These posts all serve as little virtual Post-Its reminding me to “try this look.” I can even get a little old school sometimes, spreading my magazines and makeup around me like a little girl playing dress-up. I swatch and apply so many lipsticks that sometimes I feel like I’m running the risk of rubbing my lips right off of my face.

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The Essentials: Outerwear

Ok, so the cold finally broke through. Though I, foolishly, have my legs out and exposed to the elements today, I also have the heat on. This weekend, I am going someplace cold. I’m freaking out. I haven’t dry-cleaned any of my coats from last winter so they’re all stashed in various cubbies and holes in my apartment awaiting their re-emergence and return to glory. This started me thinking, “Maybe I should just buy a new coat!”


The Essentials: Outerwear.


Sigh. Do I ever love coats. Though I do have a tendency to favor coats of the woolen variety– I love the slightly-more-dressed look a wool coat brings– it is necessary that you pick up an army green parka this season. It’s not only wildly on trend but it is practical and able to be dressed up or down. Don’t believe me? Try layering a parka over a black maxi dress with a stacked heel boot. (Send me a snap when you do!) The Superdry Parka is my TRS pick, ringing in at $390.00. 

I went with two light colored coats this go round. Though light coats are like DIRT MAGNETS, they are a wonderful break from the endless cycle of greige that the colder months seem to have in endless supply. I love the open drape of the oatmeal-colored coat from Black Five but 100% stand behind the 60 dollar wonder of the cream formal coat. Make like Olivia Pope and snap that one up. It’s one hell of a TRS pick.

Are light-colored coats not doing enough to brighten up your winter days? I’m with you, Sister! I am absolutely dying for the orange cocoon-shaped coat from River Island. At $140 USD, the coat will keep your bank account happy as well. The cocoon shape is modern and on trend and I am a solid believer that orange is an adept neutral. Don’t go matchy-matchy on this one– throw this orange wonder on top of everything, no matter the color.

And finally, a TRS dream pick. Alexander McQueen is still my favorite place for structured, royalty inspired clothing and this coat is no exception. I did try to be a little practical with this pick; who doesn’t need an elegant, black coat in their wardrobe? This pick is aspirational, it’ll set you back a cool $2785.00. I will absolutely send you a thank you card when you have it delivered to my address.

Fall 2014, The Essentials

August is one of those months that seems to whip by. One minute you’re planning out the last bits of summer and the next, you’re pulling out the sweaters. But now that it’s officially September, I might as well act like it. Last week, New York Magazine’s “The Cut” published a list of 50 pieces essential for building a classic wardrobe and I positively swooned. Though I hate hate HATE being cold, the cold weather list reminded me just how much I love the layers and rich fabrics that the cooler weather requires.

I am a hot weather girl through and through and my summer wardrobe is ultra-light and hyper vibrant. I am the girl you see walking down the street and think, “Well, she’s wearing all the colors.” But in colder weather, I shift in neutral, weaving seasonal shades of grey, brown and black with jewel tones and even the occasional summer electric hue.

But when it comes to essentials, I have a list of my own.

The Tissue Turtleneck

My number one layering essential. A turtleneck in a lightweight, nearly transluscent cotton can take you all the way from first chill through the winter. I know turtlenecks aren’t the coolest fashion item in the world but there is a reason they have made them year after year in every pattern known to man since the 70’s. Turtlenecks can be dressed up or down and these slightly sheer tops can be layered with each other, with a jacket or a sweater and my favorite, a jumper-style dress.

TRS pickJ. Crew “Tissue Turtleneck Tee”, $34.50

The Slim Black Pant

This practically goes without saying: The black trouser is the epitome of classic. The pants may vary in style from season to season, legs going flared or extra-wide but there is never a time when this wardrobe piece isn’t very necessary. I chose the slim-leg trouser for its versatility: the pant can be dressed up or down, tucked into boots or worn with sky high heels to elongate those stems. Myself? I’m a roller. Since I’m short but not petite, my pants can tend to run on the long side. I love to roll and unroll the cuffs of my pants according to my whims ( and the height of my shoes.)

TRS pick: NY & Co “Crosby Street Superstretch Slim Leg Pant”, $59.95

The Riding Boot (In Black AND Brown!)

It’s chilly outside. You want to keep wearing your favorite dress but you need some extra warmth. Go for a riding boot. You have a super cute pair of shorts that you’ve been dying to pair with your perfect chunky knit sweater? Grab that riding boot! Considering riding a horse for some reason? Cheap shot– you know the answer. Riding boots are one of the main reasons cold weather exists. Since you’re inevitably going to be wearing more layers and covering up the outfit that you worked so hard to put together, you need to really need to make those outer pieces shine.  Beautiful textural and ornamental details on your boots can elevate an outfit, especially as you transition to winter–and that marshmallow puffer coat.

TRS pick: 
Sam Edelman “Pembrooke” Boot in Brown, $189.95 and Tory Burch “Eloise” Boot in Black, $495.00

The Flare Leg Jean

So, word on the street is that jeans are on their way out. I, however, refuse to accept this. Lululemon is great, don’t get me wrong, but I am someone who enjoys wearing clothes that are not completely made of spandex. A medium wash jean is a timeless piece that every PERSON- not woman, person- needs in their wardrobe. The medium wash is not a slave to trends and can be worn in the most casual of settings as well as those that require casual elegance. My favorite fall pairing without a doubt is a slim, flared jean with a blazer and an elegant heel, whether it be a boot or a stiletto. The flare gives you the same leg-lengthening effect as the slim black pant but with a different silhouette.

TRS pick: 7 for All Mankind “A Pocket Flare in Absolute Heritage”, $215.00

The White Shirt

Crisp, classic, clean. The white shirt is all weather, all season and is always in rotation in
my wardrobe. I have quite a few white button-down shirts in all different fabrics and textures but my very favorite is this exact shirt. The sateen gives what could be a basic cotton shirt a luxurious feel and a subtle shine. Wear it often and with absolutely everything.

TRS pick: Banana Republic “Fitted Non-Iron Sateen Shirt”, $69.50

It’s not until you begin thinking about what “essential” means that you realize that, “essential” might require more than one post. Next up? Outerwear.