It’s just too wrong that the weekend is so short. The end of October is signaling that I am running out of time to march about in shorts so I’m going IN.

Fall is too often the place where color goes to die but I, in my vaguely Jamaican style, can never have too much. I paired this incredibly bold sweatshirt by drawing out the reds and blues and incorporating them into other elements of the outfit. Anchoring everything– because when you’re wearing a lot of color, you need an anchor– are all the black leather accessories.

This outfit is definitely for the young at heart— Are there any looks you are holding onto from the warmer months?

ABC's of Style


There may be nothing that I love more than stripes. I love stripes so much that sometimes I like to wear all of my stripes all at one time. I’m something of a stripes collector, if you will. This series of black and white striped looks happened largely by accident. As Richmond continues to tease back and forth with the idea of cold weather ( I was teeth-chatteringly cold last week. Tomorrow, it’s going to be 82 degrees), I have found myself needing to layer my transitional separates.

It started out with my Lush jumpsuit. It’s light and gauzy and comfortable and airy– absolutely perfect for humid days in the South. But the thing is, it was now freezing in the morning. I was dashing to work so I grabbed a light sweater. When I realized what I created, I was fascinated. It was by far the most pajama like thing I had ever worn to work, yet it was somehow eye-catching and quite well-dressed.

I took my five stripiest outfits and mixed and matched and created 3 of my all-time favorite looks. Which is your favorite? Do you like to play with patterns?


Jeans by Rich & Skinny, Missoni for Target blouse, blazer by BLACK Saks Fifth Avenue.


Blouse by Missoni for Target, Lush Jumpsuit.


Jumpsuit by Lush, Sweater by Max Studio, lipgloss “Rebel” by BeautiControl.

Oscar de la Renta was…IS…legend. He was the man behind some of the most beautiful and iconic runway looks the world has ever known. He was the man who could turn fabrics into frocks covered in ruffles that turned the wearer into a blooming flower. He made first ladies and actresses all look equally like the most beautiful woman in the world. He rose to prominence dressing one of the most famous First Ladies in American history, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The Dominican de la Renta came to embody American fashion and American elegance. Who could forget the words of Carrie Bradshaw, played by de la Renta uber fan Sarah Jessica Parker:

Carrie: How about I read you a little bit of my favorite poetry?
Aleksandr: Please.
Carrie: [reads from Vogue] “Cocktails at Tiffany’s calls for classic charm. Oscar de La Renta sleeveless silk full-skirted dress with black patent leather bow belt.” Now that is pure poetry.

Oscar was a man who let his work and his actions speak for themselves. Here he is presenting his 2012 Resort Collection within the walls of the largest bullfighting arena in the world, Plaza des Toros in Mexico City, Mexico.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA IN MEXICO CITY from Oscar de la Renta on Vimeo.

Last month was one of the most fashionable months on the calendar. If you’ve been keeping up, the fashion elite all converged in New York, Milan, Berlin, London and Paris to watch the world’s top supermodels and the top designers premiere their collections for the upcoming season. But for some reason or another, I was not invited to participate in any of the festivities (strange, I know) so I took it upon myself to make the month of September as fashionable as possible.

When the president of your company comes to town, it is mandatory that you pull out all of the stops. The “BeautiBar” is something that is known to all the ladies in our Beauti world: It’s a event, usually an intimate affair where you invite guests over and spoil them with samples of the latest and greatest of your sale items. (Remind me to show you our fabulous monthly sales brochures!) But for President Nikola, we took the BeautiBar and blew it up. We invited every one we knew and ADDED a fashion show. When you’re having a fashion show it is essential that you go for hig-impact pieces so one of my teammates arranged for us to work with a signature brand. When we contacted Ellen, the manager of Caché at Short Pump Towne Center, it was like kindred spirits had aligned. The “models”, three of my Spa Crew sisters and I, worked with Ellen to dream up looks that would take our BeautiControl models from our personal “work” style all the way to “WOW.”

I absolutely loved my dress— a sexy, bodycon number featuring a Lurex chainmail chest detail and cutaway neckline with leather piping. I love it so much in fact that I think a trip back to Cache is in my immediate future. Shop the look here.

The night was chockful of makeovers and glamorous details and some  seriously awesome giveaways: one of our guests walked away with an overnight getaway for two at The Westin and one more with a 200 dollar gift certificate to Shoes of Prey! Now who doesn’t want some custom-made shoes?!

It was a fabulous night with some equally fabulous guests but since I said it was my fashion WEEK, I’m not quite done yet. Stay tuned for part 2!


Living in the world of trying to maintain a work/life balance, it is easy to view the work bit as an obligation– a necessary evil there to finance the “life” part of your life. But think about it– most of us live a huge chunk of our lives at work and interact with people who are able to easily influence the direction of our lives, so why not put a little extra thought into how we dress from 9-5?

I love how the article highlights two different types of working girls (I can say that, right?): the lady who works in the conservative office and the gal who has more creative days. I, fortunately, am on the creative side of things in a business casual workplace, but that didn’t diminish my appreciation of the more corporate wardrobe. Click through the slideshow and see the mix of high-end and low pieces paired with situations that match just about anything you could be going through. They built a real woman’s wardrobe, repeating pieces throughout the editorial. I’m so inspired— maybe it’s time to hit the shops…

Read the full article here.

(hat tip to The Cut.)