Did You Go Lilly for Target CRAZY?

Let's get #LillyCrazy!

Lilly-mania has come and gone. Well, it kind of had to; the widely-anticipated Lilly Pulitzer collaboration with Target sold out in mere MINUTES. Target has set a high standard with their previous designer collaborations: I started paying attention during the Isaac Mizrahi for Target years (one of my favorite dresses of all time is from this line, a line that shuttered in 2008!) and since, I have snagged amazing pieces from Missoni, the CFDA/Neiman Marcus collection, Thakoon and Proenza Schouler.

But Lilly. Oh, that Lilly Pulitzer! The furor! The (hilarious) outrage! Lilly Pulitzer, the late design queen of Palm Beach ladies who lunch, found her way into arms and shopping carts of women everywhere Sunday morning. Or at least, she was supposed to. The eagerly anticipated collection appeared online, had the Target site going kablooey by 3am and was entirely gone by 10am. 

This was the scene in good old Richmond, VA:

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Spring is Here, and Spring Style has Sprung!

I don’t know how excited you are but I am so darn HAPPY that it is finally spring! I broke out my spring style favorites and had a ritualistic burning of all of my winter clothing because I was too filled with joy to think rationally.


I so rarely remember to take photos of my outfits, so I’m treating you a ‘lil bit, showing you what I look like without a sweater and a beanie.

Crop tops never went out of style for me; my stomach has been hanging out freely since 1985. I grabbed this one in two colors from H&M last summer. I paired the short shirt with a knit sweater vest (I’ve worn it death for years!) and one of my favorite pairs of jeans. The jeans are also an old school classic with an equally old school label. They’re FUBU. [insert laugh track here] They harken back to the days when most denim seemed to be not quite that and have more structure than most “true” denim. They are stretchy and have a perfect medium rise and I bought them two sizes too big and ended up with a perfectly hip slung, elegant, boyfriend jean. I bought them sometime in college, probably around 2004. I couldn’t find the jeans I wanted, so I made them. I spent most of this day sitting so I could finally find the justification to teeter around in these beautiful, blush suede pumps from Zara.

The outfit was really second fiddle to my other production that day…my return to YouTube! This first video is worth the watch:

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Let Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Up Your Day Job

Friday. I’m so restless. I want to be out in the wide world, frolicking and dancing, singing and twirling. But mama’s got bills to pay, so I’m at work. Fortunately, I’m a creative and blasting the jams is part of my PROCESS.  Producer Mark Ronson’s newest release, “Uptown Special” is near ready-made for getting the creative juices flowing. The first release from the album is “Uptown Funk” featuring my petite brown prince, Bruno Mars. The groove flowed all the way through me. All the way. Before long, I had the song on repeat and Bruno was practically my cube-mate. Since Bruno was bringing ALLA the funk to my day job, taking sartorial inspiration from the man was a natural next step.

Do that dance, boy!

Do that dance, boy!

The elements that made Bruno’s outfit retro and hilarious could easily be translated into a sophisticated but eclectic workday style.

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Michelle and Alicia: Sisters in SOTU Style

It was a shady, shady night folks! If you were watching President Barack Obama’s penultimate State of the Union speech, then you know just the moment I’m talking about.

Obama: “I have no more campaigns to run.”
Republicans: *applause*
All: *laughter*
Obama: “I know because I won both of them.”


Damn, Son!

But the real star of the night (for me, my mother and my sister, at least) was First Lady Michelle Obama’s fly suit. The grey, nubby suit was perfection on Mrs. Obama and seemed to be made to be worn by a powerful, self assured mother of two— gasp! I had seen that suit before! Michelle was channeling the other First Lady, Alicia Florrick.

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The Essentials: Outerwear

Ok, so the cold finally broke through. Though I, foolishly, have my legs out and exposed to the elements today, I also have the heat on. This weekend, I am going someplace cold. I’m freaking out. I haven’t dry-cleaned any of my coats from last winter so they’re all stashed in various cubbies and holes in my apartment awaiting their re-emergence and return to glory. This started me thinking, “Maybe I should just buy a new coat!”


The Essentials: Outerwear.


Sigh. Do I ever love coats. Though I do have a tendency to favor coats of the woolen variety– I love the slightly-more-dressed look a wool coat brings– it is necessary that you pick up an army green parka this season. It’s not only wildly on trend but it is practical and able to be dressed up or down. Don’t believe me? Try layering a parka over a black maxi dress with a stacked heel boot. (Send me a snap when you do!) The Superdry Parka is my TRS pick, ringing in at $390.00. 

I went with two light colored coats this go round. Though light coats are like DIRT MAGNETS, they are a wonderful break from the endless cycle of greige that the colder months seem to have in endless supply. I love the open drape of the oatmeal-colored coat from Black Five but 100% stand behind the 60 dollar wonder of the cream formal coat. Make like Olivia Pope and snap that one up. It’s one hell of a TRS pick.

Are light-colored coats not doing enough to brighten up your winter days? I’m with you, Sister! I am absolutely dying for the orange cocoon-shaped coat from River Island. At $140 USD, the coat will keep your bank account happy as well. The cocoon shape is modern and on trend and I am a solid believer that orange is an adept neutral. Don’t go matchy-matchy on this one– throw this orange wonder on top of everything, no matter the color.

And finally, a TRS dream pick. Alexander McQueen is still my favorite place for structured, royalty inspired clothing and this coat is no exception. I did try to be a little practical with this pick; who doesn’t need an elegant, black coat in their wardrobe? This pick is aspirational, it’ll set you back a cool $2785.00. I will absolutely send you a thank you card when you have it delivered to my address.