Last month was one of the most fashionable months on the calendar. If you’ve been keeping up, the fashion elite all converged in New York, Milan, Berlin, London and Paris to watch the world’s top supermodels and the top designers premiere their collections for the upcoming season. But for some reason or another, I was not invited to participate in any of the festivities (strange, I know) so I took it upon myself to make the month of September as fashionable as possible.

When the president of your company comes to town, it is mandatory that you pull out all of the stops. The “BeautiBar” is something that is known to all the ladies in our Beauti world: It’s a event, usually an intimate affair where you invite guests over and spoil them with samples of the latest and greatest of your sale items. (Remind me to show you our fabulous monthly sales brochures!) But for President Nikola, we took the BeautiBar and blew it up. We invited every one we knew and ADDED a fashion show. When you’re having a fashion show it is essential that you go for hig-impact pieces so one of my teammates arranged for us to work with a signature brand. When we contacted Ellen, the manager of Caché at Short Pump Towne Center, it was like kindred spirits had aligned. The “models”, three of my Spa Crew sisters and I, worked with Ellen to dream up looks that would take our BeautiControl models from our personal “work” style all the way to “WOW.”

I absolutely loved my dress— a sexy, bodycon number featuring a Lurex chainmail chest detail and cutaway neckline with leather piping. I love it so much in fact that I think a trip back to Cache is in my immediate future. Shop the look here.

The night was chockful of makeovers and glamorous details and some  seriously awesome giveaways: one of our guests walked away with an overnight getaway for two at The Westin and one more with a 200 dollar gift certificate to Shoes of Prey! Now who doesn’t want some custom-made shoes?!

It was a fabulous night with some equally fabulous guests but since I said it was my fashion WEEK, I’m not quite done yet. Stay tuned for part 2!


You might remember when we had that chat about the business of Beauti. It was a good one…I remember it fondly. I was telling you all about the importance of marketing yourself and your business and presenting a unified front across your personal and professional lives– something that is a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT must when you’re a sole proprietor like me. I showed you the delightful cards that I created for my mother and her team and everything…


Isn’t she lovely?

I was in business, but I was in business for everyone else and not myself! Ooops. BeautiControl renewed and totally changed their messaging and brand identity and I love it but that means I’ve got some new cards and finally get all of my stuff TOGETHER.

So I’ve got a question for you folks, what do you like best about The Right Style? What kind of things do you want to see on all of the new brand materials? Tell me in the comments!


When I wake up in the morning, I absolutely DO NOT #wakeuplikethis. Mornings are not my time ofday but since the world does not often bend itself to my will, the AM hours are a neccesary evil. 

I’m a fan of keeping my morning routine simple and to the point. I’ve found that it’s beneficial to start with a basic makeup routine and then add to it as time and fun permits.

I recorded this tutorial a while ago, before the BeautiControl glamour overhaul so a new video is definitely in order! The products used and described in the video are all created by BeautiControl and are all designed to work together to give the optimum effect. I create individualized solutions for all of my.clients so contact me to find out more!

Beauticontrol’s Celebration is over. I’m listless and tired– I think the lack of pulse-pounding music first thing in the morning is getting me down. The only thing tiding me over is the knowledge that I am going to get to share the experience with all of you!

First things first, take a look at the NEW Beauticontrol…

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One of the most important things about going into business for yourself is determining your brand. BeautiControl is an amazing company with a lot of amazing collateral materials but it is SOO important that you create a look for yourself outside of the company. In the long run, people are buying YOU.

I designed these cards with my mother and her personality in mind. She’s now an Executive Director with BeautiControl now (more on that in another post!) and it would not be an understatement to say that she is one of the busiest women alive. The card needs to be flexible yet specific– highlighting her business as well as leaving it all open to interpretation.

What do you need in a business card?


BeautiCard with details


Another view