There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You….

I have another blog. I know. I am an internet adulteress. My other blog, Kerriestella: Just So You Know, has been my main thing for a few years now and seems to get much more of my love as of late. I think its more free-form focus– music, politics, pop culture– lends itself to more posts because I don’t really have to think about it…it’s practically automatic. But I realize my automated tendencies have left this blog missing out on some awesome content.

Let’s do a little flashback, shall me?

It was the first hot day in May and I took my largely unwilling boyfriend, Yannick on a little photo expedition:

Yannick @Flood Wall

My favorite place in Richmond: The Flood Wall Murals

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Cover Girl



Go to the mailbox one day. Discover your mother is America’s Next Top Model.

Find out more about BeautiControl’s May cover lady…

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So…Who Are You, Anyway?

I’ve got to applaud you. If you’ve been following my adventures here, it is very possible that you have changed your life and are now living according to my advice with very little knowledge of who in the world I even am.

Hi there! My name is Kerri Estella Grinnage and I am a certified Image, Skin Care and Style Consultant with BeautiControl Cosmetics. BeautiControl is an amazing skin care and makeup company at the forefront of the cosmetics industry. I have been a dedicated client of BeautiControl’s since I was a kid (my mom is a consultant, too!), and though I love to experiment with other products, I find myself always coming back to BeautiControl.

More than anything, I love style. More than clothes and designers and labels, I love watching people express themselves through the things that they wear and the way they present themselves. And awesomely, BeautiControl has introduced eBeauti, a tool designed to help you find your fashion personality and colors customized for you! I am Dramatically Glam (excess is never enough) and color-wise, Intense Cool. With these tools and my natural love for spending other people’s money, I work as a stylist and personal shopper, as well.

Hang out with me as I discover the latest and greatest in skin care and cosmetics, fashion and style. I’ll share my adventures and hopefully, help you to find The Right Style.